Produced, 2014

Case at Riddle Crossing ©

A slow-burning suspense mystery about a strangely magnetic bridge tucked deep in the woods of Tennessee.

A Mocking Mile Tale © 

When unassuming Ivy Gable moves to Mocking Mile to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy she becomes overwhelmed, when she attracts the relentless attention of her new neighbours. "A Mocking Mile Tale" is a claustrophobic black comedy. 

Open to Production, Feature Film

Loaded Rubber©

A psychedelic roadtrip that spins way out of control when some friends need a fresh start but attract nothing but trouble wherever they go.

The Grim Reeba©

Open to Production, TV


Five people with extremely different lives have one bizarre thing in common in this hardhitting sitcom.

A dark ultraviolent comedy nestled in the heart of teen drama and the one girl who seems to leave a trail of blood in her wake.

St. Julian's, Malta, Europe


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