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Times of Malta

“An alluringly dark collection that delighted me with unexpected bursts of innocence. You'll find yourself going back to specific passages and seeing yourself reflected in the words.”

Ramona Depares,

Sunday Times of Malta



Disquiet Milk is a mixture of poems, short stories and illustrations delving into the space between reality and illusion. The reader is transported through a smorgasbord of narratives, journeying through unorthodox portals that equally inhabit dark and light. A work that visits worlds both uncreated and forgotten. All the while, a shade of parasitism weaves quietly through... Disquiet Milk compels in its effect to be a manifesto as enlightening as it is disheartening.

Disquiet Milk is sold out until the next reprint.

Magic Rope, Aedyn Jak's second illustrated book is a stab of stories in the supernatural and modern gothic world. The six short stories within; Drapes, Juna Nail Salon, Tainted Saint, Orion, Seller's Mansion and Beaufort Gulch wheels the reader through some disturbingly eerie places. Magic Rope culminates in a bonus chapter of new poetry, simply titled "Magic Rope: The Poems". 

Like Disquiet Milk, it is a blend of prose, poetry and illustrations, however unlike Disquiet Milk, this time the prose dominates and the illustrations are in colour. 

Magic Rope is sold out until the next reprint

Magic Rope (Digital Download)

Writing for Screen

Produced, 2014

Case at Riddle Crossing ©

A slow-burning suspense mystery about a strangely magnetic bridge tucked deep in the woods of Tennessee.

Produced, Feb 2018

A Mocking Mile Tale ©

When unassuming Ivy Gable moves to Mocking Mile to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy she becomes overwhelmed, when she attracts the relentless attention of her new neighbours. "A Mocking Mile Tale" is a claustrophobic black comedy. 

  Open to Production, Feature Film  

Loaded Rubber©

A psychedelic roadtrip that spins way out of control when some friends need a fresh start but attract nothing but trouble wherever they go.

The Grim Reeba©

A dark ultraviolent comedy nestled in the heart of teen drama and the one girl who seems to leave a trail of blood in her wake.

  Open to Production, TV  


Five people with extremely different lives have one bizarre thing in common in this hardhitting sitcom.

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