Asia 2019

The trip started with an accidental tongue bite while sleeping in Rome...

But I resolved to be in a good mood...

From cold to tropical heat in Kuala Lumpur... you can see I was pretty pleased!

Nobody loves a swing more than me

On my way to Batu Caves... this day was stinking hot. The place is vibrant with colour, monkeys and unfortunately... mosquitoes :/

Still, it is kind of epic.

A quick grab drive later to the Petronas Towers and their metal cages.


I cut my trip in KL short due to personal reasons and headed over to somewhere that had been calling me for ages.. Bali.

Bali was a wonderful shock to my system. Jumped on the back of many a motorcycle and astounded myself with beautiful statues everywhere.

I find the first of many beach stops. This is in Jimbaran. I am a sand monster, I can't help but get it everywhere.

Next temple visit was the Hindu temple Uluwatu built high on a cliff in the southern tip of Bali.

Hard to scale the enormity...

... or to capture the beauty.

An Italian couchsurfer and I headed to this beach straight after the temple to cool down. Needless to say I was impressed.

Taking shelter from the sun in its beautiful rock arches and formations.

It reminded me of Popeye.