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Photography: Paulius Prieveles
Photography: Adam Lawrence


...There is a sea of humans In unconscious daze Lost and nowhere going Affixed to tired ways

He looks to be like you But he's here to shed the light And pull you out of sleep It's what he has to do


He brings invisible fire The work of a posthuman To be observer on a fort Now, settle on his gaze His eyes are for exhuming with their posthuman blaze...

"PostHuman Blaze" is Aedyn Jak's third book,  published in December, 2018. The book, with its strong futuristic component, takes on an illicit and advisory tone, giving away its downloads from the future. 

PostHuman BlazeAedyn Jak


by Aedyn Jak

Magic Rope, Aedyn Jak's second publication, is a book of modern gothic shorts, with a post-chapter of new poetry and eight colour ink illustrations. 

Drapes: A young, ex-acrobat couple buys their first home in their dream city of Paris, but one of them begins to experience some unseen phenomena which seems to have entered the very fabric of their home. Juna Nail Salon: A group of unbecoming female colleagues hatch up a sordid plan to have a bit of fun and it might just be borderline criminal. Tainted Saint: This twisted religious tale, set in Malta, delves into the vengeful possession of a church's iconic statue, and how its demonic repercussions soon besets the whole town. Orion: Little boy Orion has struggled with night terrors all his life, much to the exhaustion of his forlorn parents, who try hard to cope with the mysterious 'visitations'. Maybe grandma Rita is one step ahead.


 Seller's Mansion: When a famed 1930's anthropologist and collector gets amnesia, a devotee to his work tries to help. But she is soon held captive in the big blue manor, which dissolves her reality into a psychedelic mess. This tale is based on a story Aedyn Jak wrote as a child. Beaufort Gulch: A mysterious miasma befalls the quiet forgotten wild west town of Beau Gulch, hijacking the sky all shades of strange. Mary Pine is the carer of three infirm residents in the ghost town and when a sudden onslaught of unfathomable events unhinges the place, survival seems unlikely.

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