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Jon Aedyn King

Multimedia Artist, Writer and Director



Jon Aedyn King aka Aedyn Jak is a multimedia  artist,  writer and director. He uses the pen name Aedyn Jak for his books and the work that goes into those books; written, audio or visual, as well as some artworks. 


He is primarily a researcher, observer and traveler. He has his own take on the universe and the things witnessed around. It is that curiosity which amplifies his range of media and his artistic strides are reflected through that filter.

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In Communion with Gods

Aedyn Jak books available for purchase at Agenda bookstores in Malta

Magic Rope (Digital Download)

Magic Rope

 Available Electronic Download Now

Flea; Queen of the Sheet

Bored Panda

Video Album

Poetry (Aedyn Jak)

The Hit Malta People

the reckoning


Disquiet Milk is Aedyn Jak's debut publication; a compendium of dark poetry, short stories and ink illustrations in one collection, .

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